How to: Turn off Twitter’s ‘best Tweets first’ algorithm

Remember the good old days when a Twitter timeline was actually in chronological order? Well that made too much sense (and made it harder to monetize the service probably) so Twitter has rolled out its ‘Best Tweets First’ feature. The goal is to re-order your timeline in what Twitter determines are tweets you will be most interested in based on their algorithm.

In Twitter’s words:

Tweets you are likely to care about most will show up first in your timeline. We choose them based on accounts you interact with most, Tweets you engage with, and much more.

So basically they are going the Facebook route of no longer showing your timeline in chronological order, which in my opinion is one of the most annoying Facebook “features”.

The good news dear readers is that (for now) Twitter allows you to opt out of ‘Best Tweets First’. Continue reading to find out how to turn it off for each device.

Turning off ‘best Tweets first’ on the Twitter website

  1. Log in to Twitter
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Scroll down to “Content” section and uncheck “Show me best tweets first”

Turning off ‘best Tweets first’ on iOS app

  1. Open Twitter App and go to your profile
  2. Tap on the Gear icon and select “Settings”
  3. Select the Accounts you want to edit
  4. Under “Timeline”, tap the “Timeline personalization” option
  5. Turn off “Show me the best Tweets first”

Turning off ‘best Tweets first’ on Android app

  1. Open Twitter App
  2. Hit the three dots icon (also known as the Overflow icon)
  3. Tap “Settings”
  4. Tap “Timeline”
  5. Uncheck “Show me the best Tweets first”

Now you can return to happily live tweeting spoilers about Daryl dying in the last episode of The Walking Dead!

What do you think of Twitter’s new ‘best Tweets first’ feature? Let me know in the comments below.

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