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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Feels

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally here! I’m not here to give spoilers, but if you haven’t seen it yet get out of here and go watch it now! You can come back later! The movie is so damn good!

If you grew up on Star Wars, prepare yourself for some feels. Below are 5 feels I had during the movie. (In no particular order)

1. Excitement


2. Nostalgia


3. Anger


4. Sadness


5. Hope


The Big Apple


The sun has gone to bed,
but Times Square is still a-roaring.
You can feel the lighting in the air,
As vacationers go exploring.

It’s my first time in the Big Apple,
but I hit the streets without even one plan.
There are people taking selfies,
oh and there goes Spider-man!

The subways routes are so intimidating,
but I take a deep breath and remember that spark.
I hop on the ‘C’ train,
I think that it will take me to Central Park.

My trip is sadly coming to an end.
I slowly pack my bags wishing I could stay.
See ya later Lady Liberty,
don’t worry I’ll come visit again one day!

My Writing Place(s)


I have many nooks and crannies I call my writing space. Luckily, with technology I don’t always even have to have a pen and paper. I can get by with just my smartphone if I need to!

At home, my writing space is basically my couch. I sit at my desk all day at work so it’s nice to come home and just put my laptop on my lap and type away. Not having a desk lets me feel relaxed and comfortable.

When I am on the go, or I have an idea that pops to mind and I’m away from my computer, I will usually pull out my phone and quickly jot something down as a reminder when I do finally get back home. I very rarely actually post anything from my phone. I like having a bigger screen to edit, but without my phone there are a zillion ideas I’m sure I would forget about.

The Wolf


We had been staring at each other for who knows how long. It’s dark brown eyes were unwavering, but I could sense there was a hint of fear behind them. I wonder if it got the same feeling I got when I first spotted it.

My family is new to the area. We left our home after my father was killed. My mother didn’t talk much about the incident, but she was never the same. She became overprotective, especially with my twin baby brothers. They never leave her side.

What little she did say was to warn us about the creature that attacked my father and it’s empty dark eyes. Could this be the same animal? Sure it’s eyes were dark, but I wouldn’t call them empty. Still, I knew I had to be on guard.

When I ventured out this morning, the plan was to do some exploring. There are still so many areas of the woods we haven’t seen. My mother of course doesn’t know about my early morning expeditions.

Before heading out, I quietly checked on my mother. As expected, she was still asleep and my brothers were curled up next to her. They looked so calm, so sheltered.

The woods seemed to go on forever! The sun wouldn’t rise for another hour or so. Luckily, I was gifted with great eyes, so I had no problem finding my way. I’d become familiar with about a 5 mile radius around our home. Today, I wanted to see how far I could get before I had to go back. I was making great progress when I heard an unfamiliar crack, followed by a crash and a yelp. My instincts told me to turn back, but I had to know what it was.

So that brings me to now. Having a stare down with this creature my mother warned me about. If you hear its growl, you’re already dead, I could here my mother saying in my head. The creature must be young like me. It was a lot less hairy then I expected and barely had any meat on it’s bones.

There was an unfamiliar noise in the distance. We both turned instinctively, finally breaking eye contact. I was confused, but it seemed relieved. Right at that moment, I could hear my mother crying in the distance, “Ylva! Where are you?”. She knows I’m gone!

We both started to inch away from each other cautiously. I only turned my back and started to run once I knew I was at a safe distance. I could hear my heart racing as adrenaline pumped through my legs pushing me to run faster.

I couldn’t believe I encountered my first human and lived to tell about it.

Top 10 Songs Spotify Recommended and I actually like

I love listening to music. It helps me focus and get inspired when working on new projects. Growing up I listened to bands like Yellowcard, Linkin Park, and My Chemical Romance. In those days, people gave each other burned CDs from music downloaded through the worst kept secret, Napster.

This made music exploration hard for me since we didn’t have a computer at home (yes in the 90’s we could survive without being connected 24/7), and my friends and I pretty much all listened to the same thing.

With the advancements in music streaming services like Spotify, I’ve been able to do some more exploring and have even added tons of new artists to my playlists. Recently they launched a weekly playlist that is supposed to be catered to you based on other playlists you’ve created and music you have starred. Personally I think it works very well!

So without further delay, blow are the Top 10 Songs Spotify recommended that I actually liked! (In no particular order)